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Replacement Officials

Now this is getting ridiculous.
Week 3: The only remotely exciting thing that came out of this game…

Week 3: The only remotely exciting thing that came out of this game…

Week 2: Yeaaah…

Week 2: Yeaaah…

Week 1: Kevin Ogletree

A Fantasy Football Prayer

The NFL begins this season anew;
That means Fantasy Football starts in earnest, too.
And while sometimes I’ll have conflicting interests as a Cowboy fan,
In the end, I hope it’s worth it, with winnings in hand.
Lord, please keep my players relatively healthy this season,
Especially my quarterbacks, for if I win, they’ll be the reason.
Jay Cutler, as I’m sure you know, is interception prone,
Help him find Brandon Marshall and let him take it to the end zone.
Last year Michael Vick was a fantasy bust,
But this year, in Michael Vick, I do trust.
Let him find DeSean Jackson many times down the sideline,
For this combination is how my season will be defined.
Arian Foster and Ray Rice were my number one picks,
Please keep their injuries reduced to small bruises and nicks.
Speaking of “nicks,” Hakeem Nicks, I know, is a divisional foe,
But I had to draft him, so please let him score.
And while Frank Gore may be hitting the tail end of his career,
Please just give him one more really good year.
My second round picks were Roddy White and Jimmy Graham,
May the balls land ever so softly in their hands.
Now on to my X-Factors, Peyton Hillis is one,
Please get back to 2010 form, because 2011 wasn’t fun.
And Senator Danny Amendola of the Galactic Republic,
Help Sam Bradford find you using your Jedi Mind tricks.
And finally, my Cowboys, Dez Bryant and Dan Bailey,
May your touchdowns be plenty and your field goals made, many.